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Adults with ADD: Fake It Til You Make It Self Help Articles | August 5 Authentic Clelin Ferrell Jersey , 2008
When you have adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), your attitude about yourself has a huge impact on the way people treat you.

Copyright (c) 2008 Jennifer Koretsky

As adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) we often think that we're so high-maintenance to those around us--what with our disorganization, trouble managing time, and lack of focus, among other things--that we need to be constantly making up for all the things we are Authentic Antonio Brown Jersey , and are not.

But you have to stop punishing yourself. If you don't allow yourself time to manage your stress, slow down, and make self-care a priority, then you'll never break out of the overwhelm-burnout cycle.

Your attitude also plays a significant role. You see, you might be contributing to the problem in more ways than you realize.

It comes down to this: if you act like you're an incompetent mess who always needs to be making up for challenges and weaknesses Authentic Derek Carr Jersey , then this is exactly the way people will treat you.

Think about it. People take their cues about you from none other than you, yourself.

Have you ever watched a reality show like American Idol? Even if you don't like it, chances are you've seen it.

What happens when someone has a less-than-stellar performance and then apologizes for it? You probably think to yourself one of the following things:

1. Wow, I have no idea what she's talking about. I thought she did a great job!

2. He needs to stop apologizing because he's making it worse! Simon is gonna eat him alive.

3. Man, this girl is so annoying! All she does is talk about how bad she is every week. I hope she gets voted off already!

On the flip side Authentic Bo Jackson Jersey , what happens when a really good singer makes a mistake? They move on and keep going. They acknowledge the mistake when it's pointed out by the judges, but they don't dwell on it.

Which type of contestant do you (and the rest of the world) root for? Most likely the latter. And, of course, these are the singers who tend to be the most successful in the competition.

Art certainly does imitate life in this regard:

If you present yourself as a confident, intelligent Foster Moreau Jersey , and friendly person, then this is what others will see and accept.

If you present yourself as a pathetic screw-up who can never do anything right, then this is what others will see and accept.

You control the way people treat you by the way you treat yourself. Accept who you are--flaws and all. Respect yourself. Take charge and present yourself as the person you are, and the person you want to be.

And if all else fails, then fake it til you make it!

Stop punishing yourself. Start living.

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Most people Isaiah Johnson Jersey , when they have to complete a creative endeavour, often tend to wait for inspiration. It is not unusual to find, therefore, that most people take inordinately long to complete projects or never finish them at all. Look at the infinite number of people with half-finished first-drafts under their bed. This reveals a lack of understanding of how the mind and creativity work, for the best way to find a bucket-load of inspiration is to force it out.

1) Engaging in the Task.

Simply engaging in the task generates ideas. By defining the work process Maxx Crosby Jersey , people can frame the mind for the coming task and keep work flowing.

2) Absorption in the project.

Absorption in a project creates inspiration for other, similar projects. Screenwriters know that they will come up with lots of good ideas for other screenplays while they are working on the present one.

3) Blocks.

One reason for a lack of inspiration is that the creator suffers from any of the many forms of evaluation apprehension. By forcing engagement in and completing the project, that creator can leapfrog blocks, which progressively decline with further projects. Confidence comes from having undergone a set of positive successful experiences.

4) Competencies.

Another reason for not embarking on projects is the lack of developed competencies. Competencies build up gradually over a set of positive experiences:

i) The experience curve shows us that in the early stages, relative lack of experience Trayvon Mullen Jersey , knowledge and refined methodology limits performance to sub-optimal levels. With time these factors improve and productivity increases exponentially.

ii) Subliminal and subconscious learning ? when we are motivated by an endeavour we will become good at it by working at it on various cognitive levels.

iii) Subliminal and subconscious perception ? many skills and actions are initially learnt with much conscious effort, then, with practice, they come easily and smoothly. After complete automisation, paying attention may actually be detrimental.

The above concepts are encapsulated in common expressions such as Johnathan Abram Jersey , "you have to write a million words before you write anything good." Knowledgeable screenwriters know that it was really only after a certain number of completed screenplays that they really began to get good.

5) Process.

One of the most sustained myths about creativity is that it is not a process. In fact, inspiration and insight results from a definite process which includes:

i) Dividing the problem into sets of smaller problems.

ii) Intensely investigating problems.

iii) Forcing the production of ideas using creative versus critical thinking.

iv) Seeking stimuli.

v) Applying constant conscious thought.

vi) Engaging in rest and unrelated activities.

vii) Allowing incubation

6) Forcing prolific activity.

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