I wish they'd hurry up with more of the post launch content

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I wish they'd hurry up with more of the post launch content

Post by Sunxuemei » Wed 11 Nov 2020, 03:02

I don't have Animal Crossing Items any clue how it's a worse collecting game than those two. There are far more things to collect and far more you can do with the things you collect.

Games evolve, generally. People like itkeeps the IP interesting. AC hasn't done that, at all. It had been great about the Gamecube, it's not amazing anymore.

I'm probably gonna play pocket camp because it seems like there is so much more stuff to do there with continuous updates

I wish they'd hurry up with more of the post launch content for New Horizons then. Where the hell are my gyroids? It is still lacking a reasonable bit of content that was in the prior match on 3DS.

E does not get the full effect of this game because you want things a certain way"

Even then, it had been preestablished that both of her parents played on the change, as well as Animal Crossing specifically she needed parental permission to alter certain things. I feel like that's a pretty normal sounding restriction to get a nine year old.She required parental permission to do anything besides decorate her house and"lawn". There is a whole lot more to this game which makes it interesting and getting punished because you chopped down some virtual trees is absurd. Make her fix themfine, but this is a sport so let the child play the game.

I second this, might as well tell her isn't her match. I mean I would understand if the island has been shared with her brother/sister 50/50 but you are an adult who anticipates that a 9 year old could play with a minimal portion of game aimed for children. Get your console if you are going to be a perfectionist, let your child enjoy the full experience, do not be petty and behave like an adult. YTA Btw Nintendo is TA too for forcing all of the users of a single console to share an island.I agree. I believe there's a more mature approach to handle this than banning her out of the match. This could be a shared experience that attracts bonding and joy.... Instead you've shown your shitty digital trees are more significant than time cheap Animal Crossing Bells together with your 9 year old daughter...

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