How can I access data through the REST interface witout username and password?

Android and iPhone devices connect to Switch King through it's REST services. When Switch King is installed, the REST service is configured to require username and password.
In some situations, it might be necessary to allow access from the local network without requiring username and password.
This article shows you how to enable anonymous connections for REST services.

Please note:
This guide is not applicable in Linux environment due to a limitation in the current version of the Mono framework.

When Switch King is installed, the REST services are configured to use port 8800. Your devices, data sources and other Switch King settings are protected by the username and password configured in the Windows client.

In some situations, it might be necessary to give access to the REST services without requiring authentication. An example of this might be that you have internal services that needs to send data to Switch King but cannot be configured to authenticate.

By modifying Switch King Server's configuration file, REST services can be enabled on another port where authentication is not required.

Please note that REST services that allows anonymous connections should NOT be exposed to the Internet. If you modify the configuration file as show below, and a new port is added, you shouldn't open your router to allow traffic from the Internet through this port.

Replace Switch King's configuration file with the configuration file attached to this guide. Restart the Switch King's services. The result is that Switch King will expose it's REST services on both port 8800 (which can be used to access the system from the Internet) and port 10000 (which should only be used from your LAN).