Demo environments

There are demo environments set up at to be able to try out Switch King without installing it on your own computer (or if you lack a Telldus Tellstick).

The environments are reset every night (all changes made will be removed).

Switch King Server and Windows client

  • Download the Switch King client and install it by double clicking on the .msi file
  • Start the client (and after a short while you will be able to select what server to connect to)
  • Select the Demo Server or click on (new server) and enter the following:
Port: 8080
  • Click Connect and you will now connect to the demo environment
  • Select Options in the Tools menu and select the Server tab
  • Select "Always select server to connect to during startup" and click OK

The demo environment is open for everyone. If multiple users are using the environment at the same time, the environment may change while you are using it.

Normally, Switch King is configured to run in a LAN and with access from the Internet disabled.

Switch King's iPhone app and Android app

Switch King's clients for mobile devices are available on Apple App Store and Android Market.

Connect to the demo environment for Android/iPhone by setting the following parameters in the client:

Port: 10800
User: user
Password: pass