Powerful and easy solution for home automation

Switch King is a user friendly application to control remote power switches using a computer. The application uses a Telldus Tellstick to send wireless signals to remote power switches to turn them on or off. With Switch King and Telldus Tellstick you will get a very affordable solution that is easy to install even in existing homes.  


Use your smart phone as remote control for your home

By using your iPhone or Android smartphone you can turn lighting on and off or control other equipment. Switch King Live then makes it easy to control and monitor your home from wherever you are located.


2 000+ members in the Switch King forum

The forum is a knowledge database for Switch King that is growing every day and where you can search for answers to your questions. You can also post a new question that the Switch King team or any of the over 2 000 members can answer. Thanks to all members that share their experience and help answering questions about Switch King!  


Make your home smarter with Switch King

With Switch King you can for instance control if the engine heater should be on depending on how cold it is outside or turn on lighting based on motion detection. You collect values to Switch King and create rules for how devices are controlled depending on gathered data.  



Switch Kings utveckling

There are no translations available.

Då och då får vi frågor per mail eller via forumet gällande Switch Kings utveckling.

Vi arbetar vidare med Switch King i det tysta även om vi tyvärr inte har haft möjlighet att jobba med Switch King i den takt vi önskat. De förändringar vi velat göra har visat sig vara omfattande och fortfarande återstår en hel del arbete innan vi har något att visa upp. Utvecklingen står inte stilla.



Connection problems using Swítch King Live - Fixed

Recently there has been problems connecting with mobile devices when using Switch King Live. An error message was presented after a while in the mobile device after the app was started.

The server load for Switch King Live increased dramatically about 2 days ago. We have now implemented modifications of Switch King Live to manage the increased load. We hope this will address the problem.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Switch King Server version 3.2.3 released

Version 3.2.3, containing minor changes, has been released.

Extended access to Switch King Live

If you buy a new license or extend an existing license before the 1st of August 2013, you will get 18 months of access to Switch King Live instead of 12 months.

If you already own a license, the 6 months of additional access will be added to your Switch King Live account automatically.

TellStick Duo available for purchase again!

TellStick Duo is now available for purchase again at different retailers.

We offer a package, in cooperation with m.nu, containing a license for Switch King together with TellStick Duo.

Order Switch King + TellStick Duo from m.nu today!

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