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Power Consumption - reset hours

Posted: Mon 09 Feb 2015, 22:53
by Mellumen
I have a strange problem, my devices seems to have lost the track of time. In Power Consumtion under "tools" it tels me how many hours the different devices have been "On", and when I first starts the devices up it says 0, and during the night or whatever it suddenly have counet 4000 hours++. And the total Power Consumtion don't seems to add uo eather, this also happens to devices that I know for sure only have received off signal since first boot up.

I also opened the database to check what's beeing stored there, and I have not find any place where it is stored how many houres the device has been "On". It has stored the Power Consumption though, and this also a strange value I think. 100KwH in 24 hours with a 400W device? Also strange that Switch King don't use that data. Seems to me like it reads something from the memory that is totaly random. Any ideas?