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Read data source with client only

Posted: Mon 27 Oct 2014, 19:16
by Bontwoody

I've managed to install SK server on a raspberry pi and it is working well. I've connected to it from a windows PC with the client and set up schedules without a problem. Hovever I'm having a problem trying to read a file to provide a data source. Initially I thought it was because the file was on the raspberry pi but having tested it I've found that I can't read the same text file on the windows PC either.

I previously had all this working fine on a windows netbook, so my question is do both the server and client have to installed on the same computer in order to read a file for a data source and if not is there another explanation.

Thanks Mark

Re: Read data source with client only

Posted: Mon 03 Nov 2014, 21:35
by Martin
Client and server does not need to be on the same computer. A file used to feed a data source can be located on the same machine that the server is installed on, or on a URI path found in the network.