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Send On/Off signal again on datasource update

Posted: Sun 01 Sep 2013, 15:07
by cyberde

I am using Switches as Datasources in SK, which are used in schedules to turn on lights and control my window shutters. These window shutters work as followed, ON = Going down, OFF = Going UP. If you send the signal twice, for example ON, wait 3 secs and then again ON, the shutter will stop at its current position.

Now, I also use switches to control these shutters, but when I press the On button twice (like the example above) the shutter does not stop. I'm guessing because the scenario is already set to true so it won't send the on signal again.

Is there a way to send the requested signal again when the datasource gets updated with the same value? Because SK does receive the data (see attached screenshot).


Re: Send On/Off signal again on datasource update

Posted: Sun 01 Sep 2013, 19:35
by Martin
There are a few issues with this scenario.

The current version of Switch King does not support "passthrough" of the signal from the switch to the targeted device without going through the datasource and the schedule first. Since the shutter is already down, Switch King knows this, and does not send an extra signal - which is what you've found out.
The other thing is that, due to problems with IR-detectors (mostly) that sends signals for up to 5 seconds without interruption, Switch King throws away duplicate signals that arrives within a specific number of seconds. This is, however, configurable but you're still out of luck due to the "passthrough issue".

There are two ways to handle this.
1) Most shutters can learn multiple codes. Meaning that you can learn them the code you are sending from the switch AND the code you are sending from Switch King. By doing this, you can use your switch to send the signal to the shutter (and stop within for example three seconds) and still have the status of the shutter updated in Switch King.
2) It would be possible to solve this by a plugin to Switch King, but this would require some coding in C#, unfortunately...

If possible, the first option is the easiest path to go down...

Re: Send On/Off signal again on datasource update

Posted: Mon 02 Sep 2013, 17:35
by cyberde
I see, I was also thinking about solution 1. The receivers allow up to 6 remotes to control the shutter.
How will SwitchKing know that I closed the shutter with the switch? Since the code the switch sends is different than the code SwitchKing sends? Or is it the same code?

Also if I close it with the switch, and SwitchKing sees that, it then updates the datasource. Does it then also send the same signal again due to schedule updates (causing the shutter to stop)?

Thanks for the elaborate explanation :)

Just tested it, and as I expected; SwitchKing sees my On signal from the switch and then also sends the ON signal as well, resulting in my shutter going down just a little. I guess I'll have to change my schedules so it won't send another signal.